The Mission Team at Work…

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At work at Rainbow House Food Pantry

The Mission Team is one of the most active and exciting groups in the church. Team activities include…

• Raising money for The Methodist Home in Waco and the Mission Home in San Antonio

• Providing an Emergency Rest Stop for evacuees to have a safe place during hurricanes and other disasters

• Distributing food once a month through the Rainbow House Food Pantry in the Family Life Center, helping people during difficult times

• Providing support for veterans and senior citizens at area facilities

The Mission Team meets as needed. Funds for all activities have been donated and financial contributions from the church have not been necessary. Donations and memorials are appreciated to continue the good works of this team.

MASONIC LODGE AWARD — The Rainbow House Food Pantry and its coordinator, were honored by the Frankston Masonic Lodge with a Community Builders Award April 8, 2017. The award was described as not just for the coordinator but also for all those who work hard to make the Rainbow House a success.

—  Photo Courtesy The Frankston Citizen

Many participate in annual Walk-a-thon to aid Rainbow House

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