Lord’s Acre Harvest Festival

32nd Annual Lord’s Acre

Harvest Festival Oct. 28

Lord’s Acre Festival ‘true celebration…

Our 32nd annual Lord’s Acre Harvest Festival was a true celebration of family and friends.

Thank you to our entire church family for all the creativity and generosity you showed in your Lord’s Acre donations and for all the hours of labor you donated to help get the Family Life Center ready for the big day and then cleaned up afterward. 

We are especially thankful for all the smiles, the laughter, and the hugs you shared with everyone Saturday, Oct. 28.  

We say a special thanks to 2017 Chairman for her hard work “at the helm”. We also extend a “Thank you” and a promise to share our time and talents with 2018 Lord’s Acre Chairman.

See  the church newsletter for more information.


Pictures from 2017 Event

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