Lord’s Acre Harvest Festival

32nd Annual Lord’s Acre

Harvest Festival Oct. 28

Its Here! Lord’s Acre Harvest Festival 2017

  On Oct. 28, the 32nd annual Lord’s Acre Harvest Festival will open its doors to family, friends, and newcomers. Together we will celebrate the harvest fruits of another year of ministry to the community and to each other.  It will be a day of fun, fellowship, food – and shopping.

  The Country Store opens at 9 a.m., but plan to arrive early so you have time to get a cup of coffee and visit with friends while you browse the items on display. Each year the Country Store offers new items, as well as some old favorites. In past years the tables have been filled with everything from aprons to jelly to Christmas wreaths to children’s crafts. Who knows what will show up in the store this year?

  About 10 minutes before the store officially opens, all shoppers will be asked to move to the hallway. Bro. Mike will offer the opening prayer; our Lord’s Acre 2017 chairman will welcome everyone. Then she will utter the words we all want to hear, “Start shopping!”  This gives everyone an equal chance at popular, limited quantity items. We all know “The early bird catches the worm.” At the Country Store, “the early shopper finds the best items”.

  At 10:30 a.m. the auctioneer steps to the microphone and starts the bidding on bigger ticket items. You see the results of hours of work by master quilters, woodworkers, welders, and other craftsmen. If you are too shy to openly “fight” for an auction item, take advantage of the silent auction table. It offers the chance to sneak in at the last minute and “steal” that perfect item from another bidder. Throughout the day you can purchase food, drinks, and desserts to keep your strength up for the hard work of visiting and shopping. 

  Everyone who donates items to the Lord’s Acre Harvest Festival fulfills the promise we made to serve God. We serve Him with our prayers as we pray for funds sufficient to meet our ministry needs for 2018. We serve Him with our presence as we make this day a priority. We serve Him with our gifts as we spend our best efforts on a Lord’s Acre item, something we give back to Him. We serve Him with our service as we spend the day laboring to raise money to be used for His glory. We serve Him with our witness as we show our Lord’s Acre guests the hands, feet, and heart of God.  

  In a meeting earlier this year, the Servants Board approved a motion to use Lord’s Acre funds to cover all the ministries of the church. This means that money raised at the 2016 Lord’s Acre paid for, in total or in part, special desks for second graders at Frankston ISD, band instruments, electric bills, doctors’ visits, prescription eyeglasses, Bibles for the confirmation class and the children entering third grade, tote bags for first time guests to the church, summer camp for 12 youth and two adults, B.I.G.H.O.U.S.E. mission trip, Vacation Bible School Activity Day, choir music, and a host of other things.  

  Come, bring your friends, and join your church family in this wonderful day of service and celebration.

See  the church newsletter or watch this space for updates!

Pictures from 2016 Event

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