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Children, adults can choose

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The Sunday School program needs you. If you are not attending Sunday school we invite you to visit each of the classes until you find the one for you. Please join us every Sunday morning from 9:45 to 10:40.

Children and youth Sunday school classes use curriculum designed to help them learn the Bible and apply it to their lives. Adult classes choose the area they will study.

Here are our current classes:

Nursery: A “graduate” of UMC Frankston, will take care of your little ones so you can enjoy sharing ideas and learning more of the gospel with other adults.

Three and four-year-olds:  Three teachers take turns teaching this class. 

Kindergarten and First Grade: This is a new class taught by a retired public school teacher.  This class will meet upstairs.

Second Grade:  An experienced Frankston High School grad teaches this class.

Third Grade – Sixth Grade:  A college graduate and FHS grad teaches this class.

Seventh Grade – Twelfth Grade: Teaching of this class is shared by three willing and able teachers.

Young Adults:  This class is taught by a veteran adult Sunday School teacher and retired public school teacher.  The definition of “young” is up to you.

Fellowship Class: A professional educator is the facilitator of this class.

Adult Bible Study:  This class is taught by a veteran adult teacher.

Rebekah Class:  A retired professional educator facilitates this class.  All the members of this class are women.

Amazing Grace:  Another retired professional educator teaches this class at the Frankston Health Care Center on Sunday mornings before Sunday school meets at the church.

For more details on each class and the teachers, contact the church office at (903) 876-2235.

Regular Sunday school attendance gives us time to focus on our relationships with our Heavenly Father and with each other. It teaches our children that time spent learning about the Bible and its application to life is worth the sacrifice of a Sunday morning.

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