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There is an old joke that I cannot remember – I know you’ve been there and done that!  This was about a doctor who had her PhD in some field like physics or engineering and one of her daughter’s friends finds out that she is a doctor and is very impressed.  But the daughter tells her friend, “Oh, she’s not the kind of doctor that can do you any good!”

I am afraid that sometimes we treat Jesus in the same way.  We know that Jesus is willing to save us from hell when we die.  And we know that we can call on Jesus when we are in trouble.  But in a normal day of our life, we often act as if Jesus cannot do us any good.

On Monday, June 25, there was a wonderful devotion in the Upper Room about Jesus giving rest to the weary.  But as I read the Bible passage from Matthew 11:25-30, I noticed that Jesus tells us to put on his yoke.  (A yoke is a type of harness that allows the one wearing the yoke to bear a burden, to do work.)  In this passage Jesus is telling us that we should stop bearing many of the burdens we have been carrying.  But Jesus is also telling us that we should carry the burdens that he gives us to bear – it is “his yoke” that we are wearing.

How often have we asked Jesus before we picked up a burden?  “Lord, is this a responsibility you want me to take up?”  “Jesus, is this something you want me to do?”  “Boss, what do you want me to do today?”

This is just one example of the type of good that Jesus can be for us today.  Jesus wants to make a difference in our lives every day.  But Jesus is not going to help us against our will.  The offer has been made; the invitation has been given – how are we going to respond?  Talk with Jesus.

I will pray for you:  please pray for me.

Brother Mike

Holy Land notebook

Early in 2015, the Rev. Michael Fraley, our pastor, visited the Holy Land. He came home with lots of impressions he wanted to share with us. He captured impressions in a notebook. Members and others interested may share those impressions HERE .

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