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Gospel means good news.  So . . . what is the good news of the Bible and the Church?

In Mark 1:14 we read

After John (the Baptist) was arrested, Jesus went to Galilee and told the good news that comes from God.  He said, “The time has come!  God’s kingdom is now here.  Turn back to God and believe the good news!”

Jesus is saying that the good news is that God’s kingdom is now here.  What does this mean?  First we need to know what a kingdom is.  A kingdom is an area of time and space where a monarch’s will predominates.  But since God created both time and space what can we say about God’s kingdom?  God’s kingdom exists where God’s will is done.  Jesus taught us to pray for this in his model prayer – “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Jesus was born into a nation, a chosen people, whose stated purpose was to do God’s will – to obey God’s laws.  They were not perfect at doing this.  They were human but they were trying.  So how could Jesus speak as though God’s will was finally making an appearance on earth?  Were there not some people who at least sometimes did what God wanted them to do?  Yes there were.  There were people who pleased God and we have some of their stories in the books of the Old Testament.

But now a new kind of human had appeared – a new “first-born” to correct the mistakes of the original.  This human one lived perfectly within God’s will through reading the scriptures, prayer, and the gifts of God’s Spirit.  By turning his kingdom over to God (see Mark 14:35-36 as the clearest example), Jesus embodied the kingdom of God.

The good news is Jesus.

“The time has come!  I am now here.  Turn back to God and believe me!”

Brother Mike

Holy Land notebook

Early in 2015, the Rev. Michael Fraley, our pastor, visited the Holy Land. He came home with lots of impressions he wanted to share with us. He captured impressions in a notebook. Members and others interested may share those impressions HERE .

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